Amiras Corner

Hey you!

THIS! πŸ‘‡ this is what gets me…. that dreaded word… STUCK!😝😳

I know the norm is to explain who I am in a few words, or some awesome story, or so tragic tale… but idk that hasn’t been my life. Ah yeah there has been a lots of really really crap times but it’s such a mixture of what makes me “me” I’m not really sure what to put. So I guess I’ll tell ya the basics I am a 30 yr old single mama (born and raised Minnesotan, SKOL!!) to a wonderful little boy Wyatt (8) who has aspergers which has presented its challenges but it’s also been my greatest blessing. He in his entirety is a blessing. I have an interesting (to say the least) relationship with my boyfriend (I’ll save that for another post or 10, and wineπŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) I have 2 adorable pups, Abby & Bane (you will be “spammed” with many pictures of them lol) they are my fur babies. All in all I think I’m a pretty simple person with some unique qualities.

whoever you are that’s reading this lol. I’m gonna be completely transparent I have no clue what I’m doing (literally clueless) And honestly feeling Kind of lost right now. I have been trying to find something that would help me gain perspective and peace within my self, but nothing seemed to add up or was authentic enough for my liking. So after many prayers, conversations with christ and my therapist… I decided to start a blog but I felt something was missing, it wasnt a journey I wanted to go on alone because to me life isnt about the division between us all it’s the collective broken beauty of all of us the makes life worth it. With that my heart was lead to one of my best friends Ruby ( you will get to know her very well shortly) she is such a strong beautiful soul and I knew she was the exact person I want to go through this raw and real journey with. We love that you are here with us, there will be obvious ups and downs but that is what this space is for… the good the bad the messiness of life ❀